About Me

I’m your typical hacker–I love learning new things, playing around with the latest tech, and figuring out how things work.

My passion is building software that makes things simple. There’s something about the process of solving problems in an elegant way that excites me.


My philosophy on software and life is the same: be agile. I strongly believe in learning from mistakes, iterating quickly, and building strength over time. I understand that big change is made from consistent small efforts, and strive to continuously improve myself every day.

When I work on things, I give them 100% of my effort. Regardless of whether I’m folding laundry or writing unit tests, I thoroughly enjoy myself and constantly push myself to new levels of understanding and efficiency.


My main purpose is to make the world an awesome place. I want to solve cool problems, and help make Earth the best planet in the universe :)

To this end, my daily goal is to push myself out of my comfort zone a little bit every day, and continuously improve. I want to build and create software that rocks.


I think the most accurate way to describe myself is a “laid-back programmer”:

  • I enjoy wearing shorts, sandals, and t-shirts from ThinkGeek.
  • I hate Windows.
  • When I’m not programming I’m often attending programming events, or doing fun outdoor activities like CrossFit, biking, hiking, and exploring.
  • I constantly build and contribute to open source projects.
  • I read every day.
  • I like writing on my blog.
  • I’ve got an uncanny ability for finding relevant gif images during IRC conversations.

I’m friendly, fun, and nerdy.